The Black Country and West Birmingham has 208 GP practices, all of which are members of our CCG as well as providing primary care services to local people. 

Register with a GP

It’s very important to be registered with a GP, so you can access healthcare when you need to. Your GP can support with your mental and physical health, and they’re usually the first service you should contact when you have a problem that you can’t self-care for at home. GPs are here to help everybody, so you don’t need a permanent address or proof of immigration status to register.

Click here to find your nearest practice, and find out how to register.

Primary Care Networks

All our GP practices, and most practices in England, work together in groups known as Primary Care Networks (PCNs). These bring together a group of closely connected local practices, along with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services to work together in the best interests of their local population. 

PCNs aim to further improve access, availability and quality of primary care sevices locally by: 

  • Increasing the number of healthcare staff working in and with GP practices
  • Giving people access to a wide range of support for their needs
  • Developing community teams to support people in their own homes
  • Expanding the services available in GP practices. 

Our PCNs played an important role in the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccination, by working together across practices and with partners to organise clinics, invite eligible patients and ensure the vaccines were available and premises were safe. Most GP practices could not have done this alone, and this is just one example of the benefits of working together as a PCN.

PCNs are based on GP registered lists, not on numbers or types of practice, and they typically serve natural communities of around 30,000 to 50,000 people. 

A key feature of PCNs is the addition of new roles into GP practices to help GPs focus their skills where they are most needed, for example diagnosing and treating patients, or referring to the right specialist. These important supporting roles include:

  • Clinical pharmacists
  • Social prescribing link workers
  • First contact physiotherapists 
  • Physician associates
  • Community paramedics.

Watch this video to learn more about the different roles that can be found in our practices:

Our practices by area and PCN

The tables below show all our GP practices, divided by Place and then by PCN. You can click to expand the lists and find any local practice. Where Practices have a website, you can click on their name to be directed to their website.


Dudley has 43 GP practices, who work across six PCNs:

  • Lion Health
  • Pedmore Medical Practice
  • Chapel Street Surgery
  • The Limes Surgery
  • Wychbury Medical Group
  • Chapel House Lane (Wychbury Branch)


Sandwell has 49 GP practices, who work across eight PCNs:

  • Norvic Family Practice, Victoria Health Centre
  • Norvic Family Practice, Norman Road Surgery
  • Bearwood Road Surgery
  • New Street Surgery
  • Linkway Medical Practice
  • Dartmouth Medical Centre (Linkway branch)
  • Central Clinic (Linkway branch)
  • Sarephed Medical Centre
  • Dr R K Arora.

  • YHP Regis Medical Centre
  • Mace Street Clinic (Regis branch)
  • Carters Green Medical Centre (Regis branch)
  • Whiteheath Medical Centre (Regis branch)
  • Oakham Surgery (Regis branch)
  • Great Bridge Health Centre
  • Lyndon Health Centre


Walsall has 52 GP practices, who work across seven PCNs:

The Clinical Director is Dr Nasir Asghar from Pinfold Medical Centre.

The clinical director is Dr Sandeep Kaul from New Road Surgery.

The clinical director is Dr Riaz Ahmed from Little London Surgery.

The Clinical Director is Dr Ryan Hobson from Lichfield Street.

  • Kingfisher Berkley Practice
  • Darlaston Family Practice
  • Darlaston Health Centre, Dr N Khan
  • Modality Darlaston Practice
  • New Invention Health Centre
  • Stroud Practice, Bentley Medical Centre

The Clinical Director is Dr Ravinder Sandhu from Kingfisher Berkley Practice.

  • Croft Street Surgery
  • Drs Ali and Syed Surgery
  • Lockfield Surgery
  • Lockstown Practice
  • Moxley Medical Centre
  • Rough Hay Surgery
  • Sina Health Centre
  • The Keys Family Practice

The Clinical Director is Dr Shadia Abdalla from Lockfield Surgery.

West Birmingham 

West Birmingham has 27 GP practices, who work across four PCNs:


Wolverhampton has 37 practices, who work across six PCNs: