We have listened and worked with local people to shape the future of healthcare services. Here, you can find the outcomes from our consultations and engagement exercises and how your views have been used in our decision making.

The Engagement Team is currently working to co-produce place-based Engagement and Participation Models of Engagement. Work started on this piece of work in December 2020 and is ongoing in our five individual places.

Each engagement lead, together with the Managing Director in each Place, is with partners, voluntary sector, patients and members of the public to hold individual workshops to discuss a new model of engagement. These workshops are being held virtually via Zoom due to coronavirus.

Feedback from each workshop is used to develop the next workshop plan. Each Place is different and the end goal is to co-produce local models of engagement, with local people and partners. To view specific activity for one of our Places, please visit this page.

Since December 2020, we have engaged with local patients, public and stakeholders across Wolverhampton to co-produce an engagement model for Place..  We looked at Wolverhampton on a page; deciphering what is already out there to support engagement, the visions and values for an engagement model and also a spectrum of participation which allows us to develop and map our engagement techniques and approaches.

You said: Some of the asks from the participants were:

“More seats at decision making tables from diverse voices”

“Decide not just inform – create new ways of working”

“Measure the impact of participation”

It was suggested that a Patient and Public Engagement Assurance Group that sits alongside the Local Commissioning Board would not only enable our patients, public and partners to support and inform our engagement at Place, but also to support the Local Commissioning Board (LCB) in assurance that diverse voices are being heard at place and to ensure that participation is at the heart of decision making.

We did:  This Group has been approved by the Wolverhampton Local Commissioning Board and will soon be recruiting members to sit on the group.

During October and November 2021, the CCG lead the engagement in partnership with Walsall Healthcare Trust to re-name the hospice which was based in Goscote, Walsall.

More than 100 suggestions were shared as part of this survey name the hospice which is part of Walsall’s Palliative Care Centre in Goscote Lane, Walsall.

You said: From all the suggestions made by participants of the survey, the results of the top three suggestions were:

  • Goscote Hospice 23% of suggestions
  • Sister Dora Hospice 17% of the suggestions
  • Walsall Hospice 12% of the suggestions

We did:The top suggested name was Goscote Hospice and Walsall Healthcare Trust is organising the signage and the name change of the hospice following the survey results.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this survey.

For further information on the results of the survey, please read the Renaming of hospice in Goscote survey report.