Across the Black Country and West Birmingham we are now contacting people who have received their first Covid-19 vaccine and are due to receive their second.

The second dose acts as a ‘booster’ jab to enhance immunity to the virus and offer a greater protection against infection, so people are encouraged to get their second dose when they are called to do so.

Many people have questions about when their appointment will be and whether you have to go to the same location as before.

Sally Roberts, Chief Nurse, Black Country and West Birmingham CCG, said: “It is important that people attend for their second dose vaccination when they are invited to do so.

“While a single dose of the vaccine does provide a good level of protection from the effects of COVID-19, the second dose is very important to ensure the strongest possible protection.

“We are also asking everyone to prioritise attending their second dose appointment, because these are timed in accordance with your first dose to ensure you can receive it within 12 weeks.

“You will need to attend at the same location as your first vaccination (or the location indicated on your appointment confirmation if this has been changed) as the vaccine supply is ordered by where you received your first dose.

“Missing your second dose appointment also means leaving a vacant appointment that could be used for someone else, or could mean the vaccine is potentially wasted.”

People who have not yet received an invitation to attend for a second dose, will receive an invite to have the vaccine within 12 weeks.

Those who were given an appointment for a second jab when attending for your first, should arrive on the date and time specified.

The date for seconds jab is specifically aligned with the first dose received and therefore cannot be changed other than in exceptional circumstances.