So many of our young adults have sacrificed a lot already during the pandemic; missing their family and friends or changes to their studies, to name but a few. We want to thank them for everything they have done so far.

Now it’s their turn to have the life-saving vaccine. We know many are hesitant to come forward, so, we’ve compiled a set of resources to help answer any burning questions.


Young people grill a local GP on the vaccine and asks the real questions everyone is asking.

Check out the video from Wolverhampton Youth Centre on their YouTube channel. They talk about how effective the vaccine is, do they really need it and any long-term side effects with Dr Kam Ahmed, local GP from Wolverhampton...

TikTok fun about the vaccine

We commissioned Beatfreeks to work with six young people to dispel myths around the COVID-19 vaccine among their communities. The campaign #GotMyJab helped share positive messages about the vaccine and encourage people to get theirs. Here are three of our favourites:

2 shots, yes please – trending video shows what everyone has been missing

2 shots yes please, make mine a double – you may have seen the videos already. It’s all about promoting why you need both doses of the COVID-19 vaccines for maximum protection so we can all start to return to normal.

There are also shorter 15 second videos about each topic:

Scott's story
Scott wishes he’d done things differently and got his COVID-19 vaccine

Scotts story and COVID.jpg
Photo of Scott in hospital wearing an oxygen mask
– to keep Scott and other patients safe the interview
and photo was conducted virtually.

Scott, 27 is in Walsall Manor Hospital with COVID-19, pneumonia and a chest infection. He kept putting off his vaccine and now wants to urge young people to get their vaccine sooner rather than later.

Just a month before Scott became ill he had scaled Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain, but suddenly he became breathless just getting out of bed and walking around the house.

“My girlfriend kept telling me ‘you’ve got to get the vaccine’, but I was one of those people who left it,” said Scott. “My girlfriend and my mum and dad have had both jabs and they are all fine. I would tell people 100 per cent, get double jabbed.”

Scott, now a week into his hospital admission, had received his first dose just seven days before he believes he contracted COVID-19. The first dose should give good protection after a couple of weeks it has been given. Two doses are required for stronger and longer-lasting protection.

“It started with a snuffle then a cough,” he recalled. “But the next day I have never felt so ill. I couldn’t walk to the bathroom or downstairs without being completely out of breath. Everything I was doing was taking my breath away and it felt like I’d got a clamp on my chest it was so tight. So, I decided to get myself checked out and an ambulance was here within 20 minutes.”

Scott has needed oxygen ever since he was admitted to hospital, but his condition is improving and he is hoping to leave in the next few days.

If you are aged 18 or over, in an at-risk group, a carer or a frontline health and social care worker who has not yet had your vaccine, please get your vaccine as soon as you can.

You’ll need two doses for maximum protection – this is due 8 weeks after your first.

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