The remaining lockdown restrictions in England have lifted and alongside that, legal requirements around wearing face masks and social distancing are being removed.   

The coronavirus vaccination programme has been a phenomenal success and for those fully vaccinated has significantly reduced infection, ill health and death. 

However, not everyone has received two doses of the vaccine yet and for some, their immune systems still make them vulnerable to infection.    

This is worrying as the more transmissible Delta variant of coronavirus continues to spread across the country, hospital admissions and illness in the community are going up, and experts predict we will see 100,000 confirmed cases of the disease a day over the summer.   

We are clear that although the law has changed, now is not the time for the public to let down its guard.    

We know that many members of the public will want to continue to make sensible and cautious choices on how they go about their lives and we stand in solidarity of them.    

The Black Country and West Birmingham CCG and NHS Confederation, alongside other organisations, is calling on the public to pledge to keep themselves and others safe by: 

1. Wearing a face mask or covering, if not exempt, including where not wearing one could make someone feel unsafe.

2. Doing what they can to keep indoor spaces well ventilated and opting for meeting outdoors, where possible.

3. Cleaning their hands regularly, including before and after social contact with those outside their household.

4. Getting tested, supporting contact-tracing measures and self-isolating, when required.

5. Making sure they get both doses of the coronavirus vaccine when asked and that they encourage people they know to do the same.

After all, it is