Living with diabetes webinar - 12 November 2021

On Friday 12 November, we hosted an online event aimed at people living with diabetes to mark World Diabetes Day (Sunday 14 November).

The webinar covered:

  • Overview of services and care for someone living with diabetes - Dr Ruth Tapparo
  • A patient’s experience of managing Type 1 diabetes - Mr Christopher Wiggins
  • Celebrating the history of diabetic treatments and 100 years of insulin - Dr Alex Wright
  • Ask the experts – a panel of clinicians answered questions around diet, equipment and devices, change in diabetes management over the next few years, queries on insulin and blood sugars, imporance of health checks and education courses and resources available.

Please find materials from the event below:


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PDF file icon WDD Living with diabetes SLIDES.pdf WDD_Living_with_diabetes_SLIDES.pdf 12/11/2021 2,097.83 KB
PDF file icon Oviva Diabetes Support Patient Flyer_GP Referral_A5(3).pdf Oviva_Diabetes_Support_Patient_Flyer_GP_Referral_A53.pdf 12/11/2021 942.71 KB
PDF file icon Oviva Diabetes Support Programme Summary_2021.pdf Oviva_Diabetes_Support_Programme_Summary_2021.pdf 12/11/2021 120.38 KB
PDF file icon Oviva Diabetes Support Patient Flyer__Self Referral_A5.pdf Oviva_Diabetes_Support_Patient_Flyer__Self_Referral_A5.pdf 12/11/2021 4,850.88 KB
PDF file icon Get moving information slides from Diabetes UK.pdf Get_moving_information_slides_from_Diabetes_UK.pdf 12/11/2021 1,275.86 KB
DOCX file icon World Diabetes Day useful resources from event.docx World_Diabetes_Day_useful_resources_from_event.docx 12/11/2021 23.80 KB
DOCX file icon Q&A from the webinar.docx QA_from_the_webinar.docx 18/11/2021 26.70 KB