These resources have been pulled together in one handy place to promote awareness of the flu vaccine. All organisations, stakeholders, groups and networks are welcome to download and use this information on their owned channels.

If you have any questions or require further materials, please contact the Communications Team at the CCG 

To view the Staff campaign section, please click here.


Public campaign

Current materials are available to download in the below folders. National posters and social media assets are also available from the Public Health Campaign Resource.

A selection of leaflets are also available to download and order print from health publications here.


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folder icon National materials 18/11/2021
folder icon Local materials 18/11/2021

Learning Disability flu assets 2021

Messaging and materials to support you in encouraging people with a learning disability and their family members and carers to get their flu vaccine are now available. View and download the toolkit and social assets.

Resources for stakeholders

Accessible information

The NHS England and NHS Improvement learning disability and autism programme have worked with self-advocacy group, Ace Anglia, GP and pharmacy colleagues to produce a range of accessible resources that will support improved engagement with people with a learning disability and autistic people in the flu vaccination programme:

  • Patient facing information in Easy Read: Going to My Flu Vaccination

  • A one-page guide for GP surgeries for contacting patients to invite them to their flu vaccine

  • An easy read editable Invite to Your Flu vaccination letter. This resource is an easy read invitation to a flu jab, it can be edited by GP surgeries.

Flu vaccination films for people with a learning disability, autistic people and their family and carers

Two short films about the importance of the flu vaccination for people with a learning disability and autistic people with certain health conditions. The film covers why it is important, who is eligible for a free vaccine, where you can get the vaccine and reasonable adjustments.

PHE publications
Resources targeting CYP and their parent carers

Flu vaccination leaflets and posters targeting school aged children and their parent carers, includes information for at risk children. Large print, braille, BSL and 25 translations of these leaflets and posters have been commissioned:​​

Health and social care workers campaign

These resources have been created to support the flu campaign for 2021/22 for all health and social care workers. All NHS and local authority organisations in the Black Country and West Birmingham are welcome to download and use these materials to encourage staff to get their winter vaccines. Please adapt to suit your operational guidance on how the vaccines will be delivered in your local organisation.

Other materials available:


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Importance of Reasonable Adjustments

It is important that we consider any barriers that may prevent the access and uptake of immunisations amongst disabled people, including people with a learning disability and autistic people and make any reasonable adjustments to delivery of our services to help facilitate this.  Reasonable adjustments are a legal requirement, as set out in the Equalities Act 2010 and an important consideration  for improving quality of care and making sure that our NHS health services are accessible to all disabled people.  We have produced a range of resources to support our primary care and immunisation colleagues in addressing reasonable adjustments and increasing uptake in the delivery of the flu vaccination programme amongst people with a learning disability and autistic people in an at-risk group:

  • Reasonable adjustments resources for clinicians: The importance and range of reasonable adjustments that can be made so people with a learning disability or other disabilities have good access to healthcare is explained in a new film.  Resources and tools to support this legal requirement can be found on the website.